When taking on the wilderness, you’ll need more than a great set of tires, and a solid engine to get the job done. At Mike Miller Mitsubishi, we understand that it takes Mitsubishi parts to provide superior off-road versatility in your drivetrain

Not every car is designed for off-pavement driving. While many cars can handle the trail, mastering it is another matter entirely. Mitsubishi is home to a plethora of vehicles specifically designed for off-roading, and what makes them so efficient at crossing mud, dirt, snow, and even ice is the fact that they sport a more robust drivetrain.

Your basic car is often powered by a two-wheel-drivetrain, either in the front wheels or the rear. However, in order to make short work of challenging trails, you’ll need something that sends power to all four wheels simultaneously. Offered in the Mitsubishi family lineup as either all-wheel (AWD) or four-wheel-drive (4WD), these two drivetrain options provide stellar traction and handling, expanding capability far beyond paved roads.

So, which of these two options should you choose? 4WD and AWD drivetrains both operate differently, with 4WD considered the superior choice for off-road enthusiasts. While AWD gets the job done providing great traction on pavement and dirt, there is less dynamic control, whereas most 4WD vehicles expand drivers’ options in terms of adjusting for different terrain types. Regardless of which option you pick, having all four wheels powered independently can result in some serious maneuverability through and through.

Drivetrains are important, which is why when you visit our Peoria, IL Mitsubishi dealership we’ll ensure that your drivetrain is ready for wherever you plan to go in your Mitsubishi brand vehicle. Mike Miller Mitsubishi is more than just a top-rated dealership, we’re an auto provider that strives to help you experience the best ride possible.