If you should prioritize one part of your vehicle to service when problems arise, your brakes should receive top consideration. At Mike Miller Mitsubishi, our Mitsubishi service experts know the value and importance of a healthy set of brakes and can help you ensure that you continue to enjoy stellar stopping power.

Your braking system is somewhat complicated, and as such requires regular inspections in order to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. For starters, your front and rear brakes are often different. In the front, your car is stopped by a set of rotors and calipers. Through the use of pressurized brake fluid, the calipers push down on the rotors and impose friction, which will eventually slow and stop the wheel. In the back tires, you may either have the same rotor system or a drum braking system. Drum brakes work similarly to rotor brakes, using braking fluid to slow the drum brake and eventually the wheel itself.

All of that said, if there is a flaw or mechanical issue anywhere in this system, you may find yourself with some greatly diminished stopping power. How do you know when its time to have your brakes inspected? There are a number of signs, but one huge sign is when your brakes simply aren’t stopping your vehicle fast enough. On the other hand, you don’t have to wait until your brakes don’t work to have them inspected. If your brakes are squealing excessively when you press or release the brake pedal, it might be time to see our local Mitsubishi dealership near Morton, IL.

Here at Mike Miller Mitsubishi, we pride ourselves on our superb services, and that means more than just selling cars. Our service techs provide brake and general auto servicing for all of our customers, so that you can continue to enjoy a fantastic driving experience.