Engines are complicated, made up of a huge number of components that need to work together in perfect harmony. So, it only makes sense that plenty of our customers at Mike Miller Mitsubishi would be unsure what each engine type represents. For this reason, our Mitsubishi parts experts have helped us put together this blog post to fill you in on the details.

Your engine lies at the core of what your car’s capabilities. While drivetrain, tires, and suspension can all contribute to performance, your engine determines just how much power is available at the press of the accelerator. To be fair, there are a dizzying amount of engine variants out there,but they can be easily grouped together based on their number of cylinders.

When you visit our Mitsubishi showroom, you’ll likely only find engines that go up to six-cylinders, like the basic engine found in the Mitsubishi Outlander. That said, when designed properly, a six-cylinder engine can provide all the power you need. So, how does the cylinder number affect performance? Well, in a four-cylinder engine you sacrifice the upper limits of horsepower and torque for greater fuel economy. While turbocharged four-cylinders do provide a considerable bump in engine power, they still tend to fall short of their six- or eight-cylinder counterparts. Although the six-cylinder engines found in Mitsubishi vehicles are quite robust and fuel-conserving, they sacrifice MPGs for the sake of power. So, when browsing our Baltimore Mitsubishi dealership for the car, and engine, of your dreams, it is important to take into account where your focus lies: fuel economy or power?

If you’re unsure of which engine type is right for you, our auto dealers at Mike Miller Mitsubishi are more than happy to help. We boast years of automotive experience and knowledge and are never hesitant to share that expertise with our customers.